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High Resolution Medical Legal Illustration – Medical Legal Animation

Our Unique Approach to Your Medical Legal Illustration Needs

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Hi-Res Medical Animations

Our array of stock/generic exhibits can be printed or emailed as digital file. This is a cost saver to you in that we have already illustrated numerous procedures. Often times you do not require case specific and are trying to keep costs at a minimal, i.e., for demand or mediation purposes.

Custom Medical Illustration

Custom Medical Illustration

Provide your client’s photos (frontal, lateral, or other applicable view) as well as operative reports, doctor’s notes, diagnostic film for reference, and pertinent expert testimony to illustrate your client’s case specific injury, surgery, or treatment.

Library Medical Illustrations

Library Medical Illustrations

Utilizing our existing library illustrations we will add to or revise to make them suit your case specific needs for medical exhibits; whether that is a surgical procedure or an injury to show damage. We will gladly review the reports to make sure the final output will match your clients case.

Colorized Diagnostic Films

Colorized Diagnostic Films

Provide your diagnostic film on CD/DICOM or sheets, with correlating radiology reports, and operative reports if hardware used. The exhibit will include a small positive image for authenticity purposes, as well as a generic anatomical/orientation illustration to show where slice/image was taken from.

See our Medical Illustration Shop for a great selection of stock Reusable Medical Exhibits.  These exhibits can be printed or emailed as digital files for quick access. As a great cost effective alternative, Library Medical Exhibits can be a big cost saver. We have hundreds of already illustrated surgical procedures and anatomical drawings. Often times for demand or mediation purposes our Library Medical Illustrations can help keep the cost down and still give  you the same high quality demonstratives.


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Medical Legal Illustration United States

Medical Legal Illustration

Our staff of Certified Medical Illustrators combine education, art and medicine to develop accurate and compelling case-specific Legal Medical Illustrations. Our vast library of Reusable Medical Illustrations show general anatomy as well as surgical procedures. These high quality exhibits are available at discounted pricing.

Trial Technician Orlando

Courtroom Technicians

Our team of Trial Technicians are skilled in case management, courtroom set-up, as well as editing and presenting case assets.  We will assist you through the discovery process, to mediation and/or trial, making sure things run smoothly. Give us a call early in the process to help with proper document numbering and asset management.

Litigation Graphics Florida

Litigation Graphics

Our Graphic Designers create visually compelling demonstratives based on their vast experience from working on numerous litigation cases.  View samples of our work that depict the flow of information and how crucial it is for a juror to understand.  Interactive Exhibits allow for both chronological and interactive options, giving you more flexibility with data. 

Forensic Animations Orlando

Forensic Animation

Animation helps recreate events such as a surgical procedures, automobile accidents, product failures and construction defects. Animating these events has become more cost effective and can be much more powerful than static charts. This can be more compelling for jurors when presenting the critical facts in your case.

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