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Colorized Diagnostic Films

Our staff of certified medical illustrators and radiologist combine medicine and art to create our Colorized Diagnostic Films. Jurors are not medical doctors and do not understand most radiological diagnostic studies. Black and white studies lack the impact and often times fail to communicate the severity of your client’s injuries or condition in a clear and concise manner. These studies label the anatomy as well as bring attention to the clients injuries making the exhibits jury friendly. All we need is the film/CD with the relative reports and we can put together a winning exhibit for your clients case. Call us today. 800-589-2688

Sometimes it would be more beneficial to do Illustrations of your client’s injuries, surgeries or medical conditions depending on the quality of the studies, etc. Look below or use our search bar on the top menu to find a sample that is similar to your clients study. Also see our Medical Legal Illustrations.

Colorized Films - The Presentation Group - Shoulder
Colorized MRI Films - The Presentation Group - Leg Fractures
Lumbar Colorized MRI - The Presentation Group - Spine
Colorized CT Brain - The Presentation Group - Trial Exhibits
Colorized X-ray Hand - The Presentation Group - Trial Lawyer Exhibits - Litigation Support
Colorized Hip X Ray - The Presentation Group - Demonstrative Aid for Trial
Colorized Fracture Films - The Presentation Group - Trial Exhibits - Medical Illustrations
Colorized CT Abdomen - The Presentation Group - Trial Attorney Exhibits - Demonstrative Aid
Colorized MRI Films - The Presentation Group - Trial Exhibits - Radiology Exhibits
3d Colorized CT - The Presentation Group - 3D Trial Exhibits
Colorized Diagnostic Films - The Presentation Group - Trial Exhibits that work
Colorized Diagnostic CT Chest - The Presentation Group - Demonstrative Exhibits