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Legal Video Services

Make your videos more powerful and more persuasive. Our professional Legal Video Services Staff, with an eye for litigation can turn your video into a powerful demonstrative for use in a demand package, hearing, mediation or trial. See a list of services below that contain everything you will need from start to finish. Each of our services have a special place in the litigation process. If you have any questions about how your surveillance footage, video depositions or any other videos can be used give us a call to discuss it. We take pride in coming up with solutions that help present your case. Our Trial Technicians are fully trained on the video editing process as well. No need to worry if you need something done on the fly!

Our Legal Video Services Include

Video / Transcript Syncing

Synchronize video testimony with deposition transcripts. This allows us to make on the fly edits while in mediation or trial. Please  provide the video and ASCII (court reporter transcript) or txt. file. This is a great way to edit video depositions allowing for further edits when it mediates or goes to trial.

Video Enhancement

Automatic filters can correct the most common problems by analyzing and calculating the best characteristics for your video. Color corrections can be made if needed as well as minor stability issues. We have the ability to zoom in or annotate different sections on the video as well to help bring attention to areas that are relevant to the case.

Video Collages

We can create a video collage with HD quality from still images, other pieces of video or split screen videos.  Videos can overlap to create a powerful effect with still shots or exhibits. We can remove sound and resize/position videos as well as play videos in custom shapes not just the standard rectangular pattern.

Exhibit Linking / Syncing

We can bring up multiple items during the presentation of your video to support your evidence (timelines, graphic or medical exhibits, etc). Linking them to the video is a great way of showing the exhibits at just the right time.

Video Shoots

We can shoot quality HD video of accident scenes or any other on site needs. Often times small pieces of the video or stills can be made great components of other Trial Exhibits.

 Multi Clip Creation

Create clips or relevant multi-clips of video. We can create videos of only the relevant designations by eliminating the unwanted lines, objections or pieces of the video that are not relevant.

Create / Edit Sound Clips

 We can create or edit sound tracks the same way we edit video clips. Some enhancements can be made depending on the overall quality of the audio.

Editing of Existing Video

We have complete editing capabilities. If you need anything edited we can help. Surveillance Videos, Medical Procedures, Day in The Life edits as well as Audio Edits. Give us a call if you have any questions.